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Every Betta is different in their demeanor. Some are very laid back and some are very aggressive. For those who think they are only aggressive to anything they take as another betta are very wrong. When adding tank mates to a betta tank. The first thing you need to know is how aggressive your betta is. There are times when a single betta in a tank with no mates seems so passive. But add something to their tank (their tank being the key words)They go bonkers.

Just like a human they are possessive. (this is MY HOME and ONLY MY HOME.)
When I put two Mystery snails in Ben's tank I thought long and hard before doing so. Ben is a good boy and very laid back. He was in the tank since brand new. (it was HIS home. ) I have always planted a betta tank heavily with live plants. Giving not only him, but any other fish lots of places to hide and get away quickly from aggression. When I say heavily planted I mean a jungle. I have to look for Ben when he isn't right out in front.

I placed at first (2) mystery snails in the tank to get rid of an algae bloom. I didn't want to use chemicals to do this for fear it may kill not only the algae but also Ben and the plants. I got lucky when Ben paid little attention to them. He would swim up to them and flair and then swim away.

i tried them also in Gunny's tank (My gun metal gray Elephant Ear). This did not work well with him. He had been alone in his tank for 4 years and never had any thing else, but plants. He did not take to having something else invading his home. So out they came. I tried other fish earlier on but those all ended up dead. (I didn't realize Gunny was killing them) I had never put anything else in with him.

When Harry was alive I had tried shrimp and found out to him they were a snack. I put in some Neon's and he enjoyed chasing them when he could find them but never hurt them. They lived together for 8 years until Harry passed. I took them out of his tank and placed them in one of my community tanks. They are enjoying a life of living in a mansion now that they share a larger tank.

So In all of this I never recommend tank mates and thinking that betta will only react adversely only to any other fish that they think is one of their own. And really anyone thinking this way or telling a customer this is Dead wrong. (Or the tank mates are Dead, wrong.)

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