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Betta are territorial fish plain and simple. Some more so than the other; some have bigger "territories" than others. They chase other fish out of their territory because that is what they do and how they establish the boundaries of this territory.

Cory/Catfish and others occasionally zip to the surface. Some Betta ignore this temporary intrusion; some do not.

What is the GPH of your filter? Is the tank well enough oxygenated for non-labyrinth fish? I am sure it is but sometimes owners maintain a low-flow-oxygen-level that is fine for Betta but not for those with only gills. So gotta cover all the bases. This zipping to the surface, if frequent, could mean you need more oxygenation.

One way to tell if the tank is oxygenated for all the residents is to note if a Betta frequently breathe from the surface or makes use of its gills and seldom surfaces. I cannot recall the last time I saw one of the Betta in my community tanks surface breathe.

I would not give up on the Betta just yet. Chasing something new is perfectly normal. In 40+ years of Betta-based community tanks I have had fewer than 10 (actually, I can only think of five) that did not settle down after a week and ignore the other fish. Those guys who had to live alone aggressively and relentlessly chased other fish all over the tank or stalked one particular individual from the get-go. They were in another tank faster than you can blink an eye.

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