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I've had a 75 gallon African cichlid tank set up for 8 years. Saturday morning that 8 years came to a crashing halt. (I do mean crashing).

The day started out being a great day. My, son and my four grand kids came to the house for breakfast and a visit. The grand kids (3 boys ages 13, 11, and 8 are really great kids. My grand daughter age 4 Is my pride and joy.) We had a great breakfast and My son and I were in the kitchen, talking about his 150 gal. salt tank. Its a beautifully done tank that has taken him 3 years to complete. Everything in the tank is alive. My wife had gon shopping with her sister for the day (normal Saturday. The boys were outside (being a nice day for a change) playing with the neighbors dogs. (really just bothering them.) My grand daughter was in the living room playing with our 1 year old cat Jack. As we sat and talked My son and I heard the sound of a gunshot.

As we raced to the living room where the sound came from, Jack the cat raced by us soaking wet, and ran for the cover of the bedroom dresser he likes to hide under. (What the ----- happened.) My grand daughter also soaking wet was standing in front of the space My 75 gallon tank use to be. (Use to are the key words here.) crying uncontrollably. I scooped her up trying to see if she was hurt or cut.

The site in front of me was just explainable. There was water, Broken glass, fish substrate and rocks all over the living room carpet. (My heart sank.) Not being in the room and not knowing what had happened, I was just in shock. My son on the other hand did what any father would have done and said, (Lennon what did you do what happened.) Well of course a 4 year old in upset mode it just made it worse.

By the time I got her calmed down and could assess the damage it was all over and the tank was a total loss.

The fish were dead or dying, the carpet was a complete loss. I was heart sick. To make matters worse my wife and sister in law came home. Then it seemed like the floor opened up and I was being sucked in to the depths of Hell.

every one finally pulled it together. The boys came in and everyone went into clean up, and damage control. We still didn't have an idea as to what happened until I found one of my grand daughters Wooden building blocks in the middle of the carnage. I asked her if she threw it at Jack or was Jack on the top of the aquarium. She had thrown the block at Jack and missed. She said it hit the tank. (must have been in the middle of the front glass panel.

It's taken 3 days to clean everything up. And I'll need to replace the carpet in the living room. But the cat and my grand daughter are safe.

I lost 53 African cichlids and a 75 gallon tank. And there is a but to this, coming from my wife. (You will take down all the large tanks, Anything 10 gallon and under can stay since they are in my office.
I had just purchased a 55 gallon setup with stand toe works. The tank was up and cycling waiting for the plant order to come in. It arrived this past Friday. and all the plants were waiting to plant. I still had not bought any fish yet. (yep that had to go too.) My son was good enough to claim the 55 gal. and everything that came with it. (wasn't he sweet.)

I just finished the insurance form and itemizing the loss.
75 gallon aquarium, Stand, canopy, fish, and lighting -- $8, 495.00

All new carpet for the living room. -- $ 2,095.00

My being heart sick and angry Priceless.

I have always said this is always expensive and risky. even when it take years to build and care for, with never a problem. In a heart beat it was over.
Oh no! That is a hard bite to swallow. If this makes you feel any better... when my brother and I were 4 & 5 years old our parents went to Kmart for late night Easter shopping. We were left home with our older teen siblings. Well, when my brother was little he was meaner than a snake! He got mad at me for something and threw my brand new, never worn Easter shoe at me. I ducked and it went right through my dad's precious fish tank. There were fish everywhere. My sister got the neighbors next door and they were lining up every water glass they could get from our two houses. Of course I petted each one trying to console it! We all warned brother he would be in trouble when dad got home. He did not seem worried. Dad of course came home and was very upset. He asked him why on earth he would do such a thing. Little brother puffed out his chest, pointed to me and said, "It is NOT my fault! She ducked!" I know you are upset now, but someday hopefully you will look back and smile. Meanwhile, hide all of the wooden blocks! lol
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