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Haha. You are so encouraging...!
I did order the sisters from Thailand but Transhipper won't be ready for wee bit, so in the meantime a 2nd choice girlfriend is on her way from Texas. She is a Turquoise Mustard Gas. 😁 I don't want to post her pic as I don't want to jinx her journey. But if she arrives safe and seems good to go, I will document for posting. If not, then we move to plan "C" 😉

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I'm so sorry to read about your loss! I have to say that your multitude of tanks tactic made me laugh for quite some time! Your granddaughter sounds very sweet. Maybe this will inspire her to be a future aquarium addict, herself! BTW, did you set up the 3 gallon walmart special yet?
Thank you. she has been feeding the Betta and sits and talks to them every time she comes over. They respond well to her (maybe its because she feeds them) LOL.

I have not set up the 3 gallon bowl yet, it may be a few months before that happens. I've got 4 more 5.6 gallon to set up and 4 10 gallon to set up before I play with the bowl. Since I lost all my larger tanks I'm just cruising along trying to get ideas for all. I also need to locate the right stock for them.

I am however keeping a 5.5 ready for a certain Mustard Gas. [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_surprise.png[/IMG] Ma Betta knows which one I mean. [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG] I do love the looks of her boy.

I figure I have nothing but time on my hands and there is no reason to rush.

I.m also waiting for one of the ten gallons to cycle now and will take my Grand daughter out to buy her her first community. Maybe her dad will bring her over more and I know schools out soon and my wife and I will have a summer full of grand kids in the house all summer. [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_wink.png[/IMG] [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_smile_big.png[/IMG]

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