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Originally Posted by kikilebl View Post
Oh no! That is a hard bite to swallow. If this makes you feel any better... when my brother and I were 4 & 5 years old our parents went to Kmart for late night Easter shopping. We were left home with our older teen siblings. Well, when my brother was little he was meaner than a snake! He got mad at me for something and threw my brand new, never worn Easter shoe at me. I ducked and it went right through my dad's precious fish tank. There were fish everywhere. My sister got the neighbors next door and they were lining up every water glass they could get from our two houses. Of course I petted each one trying to console it! We all warned brother he would be in trouble when dad got home. He did not seem worried. Dad of course came home and was very upset. He asked him why on earth he would do such a thing. Little brother puffed out his chest, pointed to me and said, "It is NOT my fault! She ducked!" I know you are upset now, but someday hopefully you will look back and smile. Meanwhile, hide all of the wooden blocks! lol

That EXACT story happened with my Dad when he and his brothers were tweens (4 brothers, 5 years apart in the 40s/50s... Except instead of an easter shoe at an aquarium, it was a pair of scissors at the brand new curtains...and they did not have a lot of money, so these curtains were special! But the same line "It's not my fault, he ducked!"
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