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We went with Pets Best insurance. According to the clinic insurance person, IHE, Pets Best and Healthy Paws were the top two. While HP is faster to reimburse (by a couple of days), it does not cover vet exams, consults, etc. Our initial consult with Dr. Szigetvari was $160 with a couple of "partial consults" at $80. Right there is the yearly cost for one dog.

We opted for Accident and Illness on Edward and Fiona and Accident-only for Russell who, of course, has a pre-existing so Illness is out for him.

Had a scare on Monday as Russell was having obvious respiratory distress. Luckily, Tuesday was his chemo. After examining and plainly seeing his respiration, they did an ultrasound. Fluid accumulation so they did a chest tap and removed nearly a teaspoon. X-rayed and compared to those taken two weeks before. No changes. Because of the fluid, doctor decided to change chemo meds and add Prednisone.

So, home with we came with a new chemo protocol: Two pills Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three weeks. Must wear gloves! And a steroid every 24 hours. So we go back on May 7.

Finally found a food combination he will eat...even prefers to straight boiled chicken breast. Half Purina "Bella" and half Iams kibble. The Bella is like pate in texture; similar to Lil Caesars. Hand fed so he doesn't, heaven help us!, get his beard dirty.

Have to lock Edward and Fiona outside or they get terribly pushy. Like the cobbler's children have no shoes, the dog trainer's dogs have no manners.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and comments. It really helps to share and have a group of people who understand.

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