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I'm sorry @Old Dog 59
Every time I mention this 55g of mine I think of you, your 75g and your 55g.
Makes me feel very lucky, but also a bit guilty, like I am rubbing your tragedy in.

Thanks for the compliments.
I am already thinking that I might have to thin out some of the big leaved Echinodorus, but some of the bigger leaves are dying back by themselves, so will wait and see what happens. The new growth will be acclimated to these conditions, but I don't know whether that will mean bigger or smaller leaves.

And I do wish I had at least one bright centrepiece fish. I thought the gouramis would fill that role, but they haven't. I wish I could risk a king plakat betta in there, but am not sure it would be a good idea, with the honey gouramis.

70litre tank: mature setup; betta, purple rasboras, male guppies, amano and wood shrimp. Heavily planted.
22litre cube tank: (Tagawa); betta, yellow dwarf shrimp. Pond snails and 1 assassin. Heavily planted.
Midnight in the 57litre tank (Midnight) ember tetras, 1 amano, 1 ghost, 1 nerite, pond snails, 1 assassin, doing his thing. Heavily planted.
200litre tank; honey gourami, cherry barbs, green neons, otocinclus, nerites, pond snails, amano. Heavily planted.
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