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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu View Post
First, so sorry about Joey and Katie. It is always so difficult a decision even when you know it's right. May you find comfort in the fond and funny memories Katie and Joey have left you.

And, you are NOT hijacking this thread. I see it as one where anyone can share his or pet's distresses and receive much-needed support. I may even change the title to suggest such or start a "Support" thread for all of us.

Speaking of hijacking, here is Russell hijacking the cat bed. BTW, Russell always drags the blue cushion (near Fiona's Lamb Chop) out before he gets into the bed.

Attachment 962262

And Fiona asking: "How the heck did he fit in that bed????" (Edward stretched out behind; brown carpeted thing is their sofa ramp.)
Attachment 962264

I love your furry crew, they are stinkin' adorable. Those pictures brought a smile.

Originally Posted by Rainbo View Post
I'm glad that Russell is hanging in there, and praying that the new chemo routine kicks the cancer's butt.
@Worldsworstusername I'm so sorry about Joey and Katie :'-(

Thank you. They were good pups, and I'm feeling the big hole they left in my heart.

Originally Posted by Old Dog 59 View Post
I hate having to put any animal down. Having to make the decision is a terrible thing to have to do, even when we know it is the best thin to do. I lost two beloved cats that we had for over 18 years a few years back. It was one of the hardest thing to have to do. We have so many memories of our kids. And it's funny how those memories effect us every day. Whats even worse is how their siblings feel the loss. Their reactions to being left alone differ, but you know they feel the loss too.

Doing the right thing sometimes really sucks.

My remaining boy Mooshie has been looking for them all weekend. He's never been alone, so this is hard for him to understand. He's being really good, but I'll be taking him to work with me for a while, because I feel bad leaving him alone when he's never been alone before. He's been extra snuggly, which helps me, too.

I really appreciate the support I've received here, you all are good people.
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