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Lighting for 5.5 gal?

Hi everyone,

I have the TopFin 5.5 gal tank. It's completely planted with Anubias, Java Fern, Crested Java Fern, Marimo Moss glued to rocks, and now a handful of Frogbit on top.

The tank came with stock lights which are 3 LED nodes, bright but not enough to do anything other than light up the tank. The Java Fern are turning white which I read means not enough light, I had 2 Anubias rhizomes rot (took those out), and have 3 left now. Some the Crested Java Fern are turning yellow and white as well. I did buy Easy Green Fertilizer and dose half pump once a week.

Now, would a Finnex Stingray 12" or 16" work well for low light plants? It's 7500K. The plants get indirect sunlight all day, not bright at all, there are still shady spots in the tank. But at night I want to turn on the lights for 3 hours max so the plants can bounce back and start growing. My tank has a lid so it needs to fit under the lid if possible.

Any other recommendations are welcome! Thank you!
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