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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu
I used a 12" Stingray on my 5.5 Anubias-only tank. I happened to have it on hand and was going to get another 16" as on my other 5.5 tanks but had to wait for pay day. Wound up not getting another 16" as the 12" did quite well. But, as I said, low-light plants.

With the 16" I did not have any problems with algae. Get a timer and set it for eight hours.

Wish you lived in or near TN as I am giving away a bunch of equipment...including 16" Stingrays.
Thank you! Darn, I wish I lived near you! Another quick question: how do I rig it so it goes under the lid of the tank? I'm not sure it will fit under and I don't want Red jumping out of the water if I don't have a lid on it. I guess I could switch to a glass top maybe and just clip on so it shines over the glass top?

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