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2-24-19: SPAWN LOG #3 -
Day 2 after eggs have hatched and all is looking good so far. I've done a 50% water change (bottled drinking water) using and airline tube since I didn't put a filter in. I also added aeration with another airline tube on low, pumping air bubbles into a corner of the 5.5 gal tank. I think Mas approves because he pushed his bubble nest back to the front nearer to the air tube. I've started a BBS hatching so Mas' babies (Masitos) will have live food by the time they are free swimming, hopefully by tomorrow or the next day. The Masitos are getting stronger and now able to stay up in the bubble nest better instead of fluttering around the tank like flies. Mas wasn't hungry yesterday so I had to take out the few live blood worms I put in. I tried again today with the blood worms and he ate them so I'm glad. I know many breeders advise against feeding the male during this period but I feel that since they are working so hard nonstop, they need sustenance to maintain their energy. And As long as it doesn't affect their ability to take care of the eggs/fry, I think it's ok. I've also setup up the BettaCam so I can monitor the tank from different parts of my home. Mas has been a great father by doing an excellent job taking care of his little Masitos and I almost forgive him for being mean to the ladies 😂
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