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2-25-19: Spawn Log #4
Mas and his little Masitos are doing well. Most of the fry are pretty much free swimming and hanging out at the surface of the water. Some are at the bottom and others in between. Mas is still watching over them like the good father that he is and I've busted him taking little cat naps on the giant Indian Almond Leaf folded in the back corner of the tank. It's a little unnerving because he looks dead 😱. Poor guy he is exhausted!
I'm debating on taking him out tomorrow morning, however, some advise that if the male better is a good father, the fry would benefit from his presence and protection even though it is not required at this stage. I left my Galaxy Koi daddy in for over a week and he was still watching over them even though they were perfectly independent. Water temp is set at 82F
And the airline tube is still blowing gentle bubbles in the front corner of the tank.
I put in some newly hatched BBS and then some Hikari First Bites in case the larger ones were ready to eat. Also threw in a few live blood worms for Mas, though he didn't eat them until way later. Mas is sleeping more often so maybe taking him out so he can rest might be a good idea. We will see.
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