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Any questions just ask. All of us here will be glad to try and answer.

As for your question about business opportunities, there is always the opportunity. However it takes time and money to get it off the ground. Plus you need good stock for breeding and lots of space depending on the operation you want to have. Ask Ma Betta she has just started a small breeding venture. Her stock is well picked and very unique. Her mustard gas breeding has done well and the fry are growing like weeds. I personally want to see how many fry she ends up with. I know the stock she breeds are fantastic coloration's. The care she gives them is exceptional. She now has 3 or 4 different types that she is breeding. and I know since her stock is well cared for she will do well.

Just remember when you breed and the fry get to the point you can tell male from female you need separate accommodations for each male. I've seen the breeding operations in Viet Nam and Malaysia that are huge. Those breeders ship world wide, But not all there stock is sold quickly. so space is important also.
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