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Check out the web site of Finnex Agencies. Look in the lighting for a 10 gallon I think it would be their 20 inch lighting. Look at the Stingray lighting. For the type of plants you have (low light) The stingray would be considered Low to Medium lighting. Price is under $60.00 and is the best lighting I have ever found for smaller tanks.

I use Finnex Planted plus for all my tanks only because most of the plants I have require higher lighting. I recommend the stingray for all low to medium light requiring pants.
This being said I would also recommend Using SeaChem Flourish as a Fertilizer supplement. 5ML once a week will keep the plants healthy along with the Stingray lighting.The tank will thrive. Other plants you might want to try would be Anubis, Java moss, instead of the moss balls, Tropical fern, Asian water Fern, and amazon sword. All really great low light plants.
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