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clown pleco - could use some advice

So before getting a clown pleco, I read a bunch of articles on it's care and needs and was like, "Great. I think this should be a good addition to my tank.
We're well established with some (plenty) algae to eat, we have driftwood, there's a ton of java fern floating about in there for extra cover, and the other tankmates are all peaceful false juliis.

We got him home and once introduced to the tank - well, he's hidden under a piece of wood somewhere I assume and I haven't seen him since.
I don't begrudge him that - I'm just not sure now how best to feed him, since I don't know where he is or when he'll come out. I can drop sinking wafters or blanched cucumber, but don't really want to just leave it all day and have it foul the water.

Also, despite spending a lot of time on various fish forums just reading, I didn't think to consult a forum before hand for advice.
I have since read some forum threads about how their clown pleco was aggressive towards other fish and killed other fish. True??
I hadn't read that in any other articles.

Any other advice here is welcome.

I tried to do right by him pre-purchase, now i just want to make sure I do right post-purchase.
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