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Haha 😂 I know, I know.... We Californians complain about cold weather when the rest of the country gets "really" cold!
It was low 50s this morning so a little cold for Bettas in jars with no heater.
That is too funny about Ben...he's surfing the current and becoming an adept hunter! LOL 😂

Originally Posted by Old Dog 59 View Post
A little chilly in Pasadena? What do you call chilly. The hi here today will only get to 56. and that's by noon. It has been raining here for the past 10 days off and on. Right before the weather set in we had some days that reached into the high 70's That was a real treat. But soon settled down to normal temp. for the north west of Pa. Oh and it could have been worse I saw yesterday the southern Sierra's in Cali. they were expecting feet of snow. ( In May???) Wow.

I'm still trying to come up with a name for one of Mas's sons. I'm also waiting to see these little guys get big.

Ben is excited too. He got a new filter and all was fine until I trimmed the jungle. The current got a little stronger, but he is having a ball riding it from one end of the tank to the other. He also has learned to be a little faster in attacking his food. Now he has to wait a couple of turns around the tank so he can finish it all. I dearly love the way he adapts to some things and not others.
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