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Well, All Change chez The Samphires.

I popped up to the LFS yesterday to get some snails and shrimp for the 200 litre. Everything is growing beautifully, but there are parts of the glass I can't easily reach, that a snail could, and I have some green filamentous algae on the big wide leaves, that are just crying out for shrimp to do some mowing.

Anyway, no shrimp, and I came home with a new betta, and no tank to put him in.
He's a flary reactive little lad. Not yet full grown, crowntail, black head, silvery back end, and orangy fins.

He was very miserable in the tank (maybe 5 gallons) they had him in - one plant, 30 snails, and some rainbow fish. Very stressed! Exactly the kind of purchase I promised myself I would never make!

So I brought him home, wracking my brains for how to house him.
I hung him in a jug in the big 200litre, while I decided what to do... Mr Samphire is against another tank. Odd man. So the ideal would be to shuffle things around, and sneak another tank in 'by accident' if necessary. Maybe next time he is away for work... ;)

But poor little No Name was flaring so hard - at EVERYTHING - that it obviously wasn't going to work out for him in the big tank. Too busy for him, even with masses of cover. None of my other 3 have EVER flared. No Name is really up for a fight. fingers. snails. leaves. his reflection. Anything, really.

So No Name has gone into the 57litre with the ember tetras. Quietest tank. Less traffic going past it. Most peaceful occupants. No Name is flaring at his own reflection and some of the leaves. He is ignoring the embers, and hasn't seen the shrimp. But then no one does. They are invisible house elf shrimp.

He cost 1/3 of what I paid for any of the other 4, so I am guessing he is a genetic dead end (lol) but who cares? No one needs perfect fins when they have this much personality!

Kham has come out of the 57litre and into the 70litre with the purple rasboras. He has chillaxed already, and is loving exploring.

and Tagawa (who has never flared in his life, and is the gentlest of the 4) has come out of the 70 litre and into the 200litre. He has made friends with the watersprite, and is ignoring everything else, at the moment.

I am keeping a VERY close eye on everyone.

I have concerns about the honey gourami and Tagawa being in the 200litre together. But have read up for hours on it, and have seen quite a few people say that their honeys are very peaceful. And I already know that Tagawa is very peaceful. Will watch like a hawk and see what happens. There is only one male gourami, and he rarely leaves his top corner bubble nest, leaving Tagawa the other 190 litres, if he chooses to use them.

70litre tank: mature setup; betta, purple rasboras, male guppies, amano and wood shrimp. Heavily planted.
22litre cube tank: (Tagawa); betta, yellow dwarf shrimp. Pond snails and 1 assassin. Heavily planted.
Midnight in the 57litre tank (Midnight) ember tetras, 1 amano, 1 ghost, 1 nerite, pond snails, 1 assassin, doing his thing. Heavily planted.
200litre tank; honey gourami, cherry barbs, green neons, otocinclus, nerites, pond snails, amano. Heavily planted.

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