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Algae in Betta tank

Hi everyone! I wanted to get some input/advice on how to manage the algae growing in my betta tank! I've had the tank for about almost 2 months now, I let the tank cycle for about 2 weeks before adding Spud (my male betta) into it. I tested the water before putting him in, and then checked 1.5 weeks after he was in and everything was still normal. The algae started a little over a week ago, I scrubbed it all away and within 2 days it's all over the tank again.

Spud has a 15 gallon Column LED Aquarium. It has a QuietFlow 10 LED PRO Power Filter and a compact heater with the water staying at a constant 78 degrees. I use the Seachem Prime water conditioner and Seachem Stability. I perform 10% water changes 1x a week and a 25% change 1x a month. The tank has only fake plants and regular gravel. I've been trying to make sure the light is on for less than 8 hours a day and I only feed him 5-6 pellets a day (very rarely will he miss one or 2 but not often enough to where the food is just piling up at the bottom of the tank).

I use the Imagitarium 5 in 1 aquarium water test strips this morning and these were the results:
-pH in the ideal range (between 7.0 and 8.0)
-Total Alkanlinity in the ideal-hard range (between 180 and 300)
-Total Hardness in the very soft to soft range (between 25 and 75)
-Nitrite and Nitrates are at 0.

If anyone has any recommendations I'd really appreciate the feedback. Spud was being sold in the 99cent store by my house for months and I just want to make sure he's living a happy healthy life. Thanks in advance (:

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