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Good for you for wanting what is best for Spud.

Can you describe the algae? Brown, green, black? Fuzzy, hair-like, little dots?
I’ve set up 3 tanks in the last few months, and I have to say I had a fab time with the algae.
Each tank developed its own varieties of algae, depending on the various light and water conditions.

Basically algae is part of of the natural development of ahealthy tank, and it goes through phases.
2 of my tanks are now looking v good.
The third is getting there.
My water and conditions seem to have around a 6 month algae process, and I’m watching it progress towards the end now.

So I spent some time ransacking the internet for articles and videos.
Very informative.

Each different type of algae grows depending on specific conditions, and tweaking them will speed or slow, or eliminate growth.

The difference between my tanks and yours is that mine have real plants in them, and I use fertilisers, but the principles are the same. Find out what type of algae your tank is growing, find out what conditions encourage that growth, and then adjust the conditions.

Hope that helps.

70litre tank: mature setup; betta, purple rasboras, male guppies, amano and wood shrimp. Heavily planted.
22litre cube tank: (Tagawa); betta, yellow dwarf shrimp. Pond snails and 1 assassin. Heavily planted.
Midnight in the 57litre tank (Midnight) ember tetras, 1 amano, 1 ghost, 1 nerite, pond snails, 1 assassin, doing his thing. Heavily planted.
200litre tank; honey gourami, cherry barbs, green neons, otocinclus, nerites, pond snails, amano. Heavily planted.

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