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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu View Post
Tank looking great!

I believe four Dario would go great in that tank. Lots of ground cover and the Mopani. They love Subwassertang or moss if you can figure out a place to fit in a small bit.

You think 4 will be okay? I was hoping maybe 2 males and 2 females. I was reading that the females are hard to come by.
The look like cool little fish though! And with the shrimp, they can eat them if they prefer live over frozen. that is the only issue with Scarlets. I hear they eat live food. I have enough shrimp to go around but any idea on how to go about getting live foods? I know you can harvest your own int he back yard (watched a you tube video about it) so I may give that a shot. LOL

I may end up removing the loach in the future though. I keep hearing that they need a larger tank cause they love to zoom around. We'll see what happens I can either place it in the 15 gallon tank or just re-home it altogether.

I was thinking about adding some moss on one of the rocks.

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