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Thats an interesting idea-I'm hoping soon she'll look more mature, I've had her for more than a month now which would put her at 3-4 months old, is that normal? Altho I did notice she no longer can fit behind the thermometer the little fatty.

I am afraid I've spoiled her a bit, feeding her bloodworms for the past few weeks-tried to feed her flakes today, she did not approve. The bloating has lessened, but it is still there. Her color is still pale and stress stripes strongly visible (where there weren't any last week). I'm starting to think that it was not the bloodworms necessarily that caused the sudden bloating and SBD, as I had been feeding her bloodworms for a good week or so before noticing any symptoms. The day I noticed her issues with swimming were when I first put a branch of hornwort in her tank-the bamboo and amazon sword have been great, but as soon as I put the hornwort in (and more the following day) was around the same time I was noticing her symptoms. I originally took the hornwort out of her tank because I noticed her eating (and choking) on it when I first got her. What if she has been eating it and that is what has been causing her gastronomical problems? It has to be food/stomach related, as water is perfect, temperature is perfect, and she is still active, alert, just struggling at times with SBD-plus can tell she seems uncomfortable at times. Anyways the hornwort got the boot-for now at least-I regret buying the bunch in the first place as its multiplied (with the help of Flourish) and now have to fit it all into the 2 gal I bought for my unexpected addition...

Howard Roark (Howie for short) is my new mom found him unwanted in a classroom at the school she teaches at. School is out for summer now and that meant no one wanted to take the "class experiment" home-my mom thought he was a betta fish so "rescued him" for me. He's definitely not a betta, but was living in >liter of water in one of those betta starter containers they sell-the water was opaque with filth and completely green (see my other thread for pictures)-I am still shocked by how resilient the guy was, he looked completely fine once I put him in a new home. Got him a 2gal, and going to get a sponge filter for it...temperature is a nice stable 85+ and plenty of hornwort which I have now watched him eat with no problem. I really hope he survives, I mean, if he's survived this long in the tank he was in, surely with my dutiful care I can keep him alive. By winter he'll be in a proper 10gal with proper heater.

Nietzsche seems to like his new home. He's not the most expressive of fish, a slow moving-confident boy, a lil flaring...but I do hope his fins grow back! They looked raggedy for so long, and then when I moved him home I was so impressed to see how beautiful they looked. I think the socializing he gets in the kitchen does make up for the lack of plants I'm 'allowed' to have in his tank (my mom draws the line at bamboo, thinks hornwort looks like an "ugly weed" and the vertical shape of his new 1.5gal doesn't allow for a lot more variety)

Going to start putting pen to paper re: my research very soon! My goal after all was to start in July.

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