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I decided to take out the pond snail that hitchhiked, but unfortunately I must have missed some eggs when I tried to clean off the plants because there were six in my tank today that had to be squished. :/ If they'd stayed down in the substrate I wouldn't have minded but they were all on the glass, which I was not very fond of.

But yesterday I finally found some Julii cories!! The store only had three, so I'll go back and get some more to have a full school, but I couldn't pass up on finally nabbing some. They're already zipping around the tank like mad, it's adorable! And my boy Felix doesn't seem to care about them at all which is fantastic.

The ends of the Anacharis started rotting, I assume because of the week they spent with inadequate light, so I took the bundle apart and am letting them float, which Felix seems to like. I added a "compact" Amazon Sword in the back corner because the store didn't have any Crypts and I was impatient to add a taller plant, hopefully it lives up to the claims of staying on the short side!

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