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Hello and welcome to the forum.

There is nothing like experience both in our successes and our failures. We learn some times the easy way by research and good instructions, and some times we fail, and that is a very hard lesson to learn.
However in your case you had good intentions and those are to be congratulated. Now you have come to the understanding that there is more to these beautiful little guys and girls than meets the eye. I think all of us here on the forum can attest to this. There is so much information on Betta and their care, feeding, Housing needs, and last but not least their personalities. The people who research their subjects gain knowledge in the way they run their test. I've never done any research But I have studied every betta I have ever kept. You learn by doing and reading, and then acting. Our little charges depend on us for their care. And we as keepers give them what they need and sometimes what they don't need. (my guys are spoiled) You have given your's a great home. The best care you can give your charge is to give them the right food, Clean and clear water, Places to hide and get away when they need to. And last but not least, You have taken their stress away and replaced it with Love. and they will return that love 100 fold. Just sit and watch and talk to them , they do respond.

Post some pictures of your guy and his digs I know I love to share pictures and let everyone see the beauty I have found in their lives.
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