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Longest lived was, I believe, Raymond the First @ 7+ years. He was a VT bought from Woolworth's or Grant's in 1967. He lived in a filterless, heaterless two gallon bowl. I changed 100% of his water weekly. He moved at least seven times but probably more as I was a Nomad in and after college. When he moved I lowered the water to about an inch, placed the bowl in a box with dirty clothes (Thanks, Mom!) to keep the bowl from moving around and the water sloshing too much.

Same as above with Raymond II, III and IV. The last two I purchased after college while working in a pet store. Keep in mind, these were purchased between 1967-1970. This was before people started messing with them and bloating their bodies and lengthening their fins. About only kind available were VT.

I believe there are five keys to longevity:

1. Genetics, genetics, genetics

2. Good hygiene/water conditions with frequent water changes and substrate vacuuming.

3. Good, nutritious food with few fillers

4. Heater

5. Most important: Honesty with yourself and with others about #2.

I emphasize #5 because I cannot tell you how many people fill out the D&E form and tell us their maintenance is great. But continuing/recurrent problems they have are Fin Rot and other diseases traced directly to dirty habitat.

In the last 20+ years I have seen longevity decrease. I'm sure genetics play a key part. But, at least for me, it is also when I slack up in care. However, even with good care, I see my Betta live fewer than two or three years. Around two being average. All were healthy when I bought them.

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