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Havent posted much but felt I should update if anyone cares to read this!

Ari’s bloat has gone but now she is kind of lifeless and still looks very sickly (clamped fins no color lethargy). I am attempting radical tank upkeep to fight it and even gave her back some hornwort today (no chance she could get tangled in it and drown right? she is very small still but shes a betta, they love/know plants?) I miss her liveliness and energy, always so fiesty and happy to come see me when I came in. I also read a disheartening thread on this forum about the “baby betta” fish u buy from ur pet store usually dont survive to adulthood because of how delicate the needs are compared to adult fish ect. ect. i just dont know /:

Howard Roark is doing great though!! Hes a very goofy looking boy so I’ve taken to referring to him as Howie. Im happy to see his scales look to be healthier (when I first got him his scales looked almost transparent). He eats the bloodworms very well, and is becoming less afraid and skittish. Just today he started swimming towards my hand when I was feeding him!! Its been a week but I’m really pleased, I was sure he being a guppy and living all alone he wouldnt survive, but he has and he seems content. Even swims over to see me. Although for some reason all the hornwort I put in his tank has died, even though I had kept healthy for 2 months...could it have been him eating it? Or I guess I could have over fertilized...very likely as the bottle doesnt have a reliable measuring tool outside of the cap and 1 cap = enough fertilizer for 20g ect. Regardless bought a whole new bunch today and split it, putting a small section in Ari’s tank, and the rest in Howie’s (heavily planted) so we’ll soon find out who the real culprit is.

? I also bought him a very cool toy I had been meaning to pick of those colored hamster tunnel pieces. I read online of some girl making a really cool betta tunnel from some for her tank and i thought that was a really unique and cost effective way (only cost me 2$) to provide a little hide, vs. some sharp looking house or castle ect. Im not sure if Howie will swim through it though, I figure bettas are more that type of fish but we’ll see! Here are lots of pictures of Howie (more clear than the last, though make no mistake, hes still a fast bugger) and last is the hamster tunnel I bought-I hope it stimulates his mind a bit too.
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