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When I originally bought them the package said freeze dried bloodworms are excellent for "conditioning"-which seeing as Ari is just a baby I figured it would be good "conditioning" food for her to grow. That being said, I'm starting to reconsider if it really is the bloodworms that caused all these problems, as I've still been feeding them to her + flakes (not that she really ate yesterday) and the bloating is gone. Now she is so small and depleted looking. Found her lying (on her side) today which scared me, breathing heavily-water parameters all seemed normal but I put her in a new QT because I was worried she couldn't make it to the top of the tank (she can barely swim, doesn't seem to have the energy/float power) so am keeping her in about four inches of water so she can breath...I'm worried this is the beginning of the end. Could it have been possible the bloating was the result of some egg problem which has now sickened her? She will be watched all night, not sure if she will eat though, I wish I could take her to work with me tomorrow to keep a better eye on her. I really want her to make it-unlike with my other bettas; Karl and Rousseau, I knew how to care for her properly from the start, and put a lot of thought and research into it; she is such a sweet girl, she doesn't deserve to suffer like this.

Howie cheers me up though, he is just the cutest thing...if Ari does survive, can a male guppie and female betta survive together in a planted 10g (the one I have saved for the fall)? Not that I was seriously considering it, especially with Ari so sickly, just something to think about. I know the 2g is too small for another guppie, even if I was considering giving Howie a friend (and I'm not)-he really is doing super.
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