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I started training B since 8 weeks, and he took very quickly to all the basic commands without much effort. Now, for more advanced training, you have to get him the right amount of tired.

Too tired he has no interest, not tired enough and he has no focus. Fortunately for me, he is very highly food motivated, and I've got him doing more show-off commands.

He dances, says phrases in speak voice and whisper voice, spins, gives paw, waits on command, sits, stays, comes, lays down, "up"s while sitting and "up-up"s in standing position, etc.

He is off leashed trained as well, but I keep an e collar on him while outside now in case something catches his focus that I can't get back or if he finds something dangerous. He has already been bitten by a snake, but luckily it was only a king. He knows the warnings and I can count on one hand the number of times he had to get a shock.

A lot of people give me nasty looks when they hear I use an e collar, but I don't use it for training. It's only for his safety. Huskies have high prey drive and he doesn't know fear. We have so many predators and dangerous snakes here and it's my fail safe to protect him and regain his focus.

Of course, above all else, he is still a husky puppy. Sometimes, when he so pleases, nothing you do or say means jack to him unless you have a treat. Lol

Do you have an opinion on using e collars as someone who trained dogs? Is there an alternative you recommend in those situations when you can't get their focus because of prey or a threat?
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