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I've done some aggression testing with my bettas. Fawkes fears nothing and nipped my fingers on multiple occassions. Salem however backed away from my hands and so the two fish got switched. I feel bad putting Fawkes in the smaller tank but his red coloration blends better with the 5.5 anyways.

Since my last update I took Russell's advice into consideration and purchased a shoal of albino corys. I have 5 at the moment since I bought the fifth as a "back up" fish but amazingly all survived the transition and quarantine in a small tank. The new albinos went into the 10 gallon before I played musical chairs with my bettas and the corys. The albinos got settling into their new 10 gallon with the addition of a piece of white/brown driftwood as the new center piece. Salem went in a few days later. There was some nipping at a 2 hour drifting time but that seems to be the motivation for the cories to stay near the bottom and away from the big scary betta. Now Salem enjoys throwing their pellets around and watch them scurry about the bottom from the safety of his Alternanthera plant.

Amazingly, his tail biting has stopped completely. Usually when he moves around his tail becomes stubby but he enjoys watching and chasing his new speedy roommates. Due to his scoliosis and damaged fins, Salem is unable to catch the corys so no worries! There's also been no more nipping after the corys left his Alternanthera plants alone.

Fawkes is doing alright in the 5.5 gallon. I am looking into upgrading him back to a 10 gallon but I'm currently trying to save my money. I am however going to purchase more aquatic plants in order to liven up his tank and provide more anchors for his bubble nests. We'll see what kind of pricing I can find for another aquarium hood as that's the only thing holding me back at the moment. I can use my old divider for the 5.5 gallon from my dorm days for the winter and spring breaks as a temporary home with the cories in an empty 20 gallon.
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