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Yeah, it's slightly overstocked since I didn't think one of the cories would make it but I've been adding in addition plant life and increasing the water changes to around 30%. Everyone appears to be happy and its a super fun tank to watch. I'm thinking of the upgrade for Fawkes would have the same results with another community 10 gallon since it provides some more stimulation for the betta. Fawkes' old tank saw the cories in quarantine and he enjoyed watched them all day.

Yea. same with Salem. What I do is feed him on one side and then hide the cory food on the other. Some times he snatches it but since its a large feeder pellet he can't choke it down and gets bored quickly. He's also taken to swimming along the bottom watching the corys play in the exposed roots. No chasing, just perched on the driftwood or big leaf to watch them.

If you have the space you could definitely attempt to add in another species. Just be prepared to do a lot of research before hand.
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