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I'm going to admit that I do not have enough decor and spots for the females to hide. They seem to be doing okay right now and Im saving up for this Barrel decor with lots of holes to hide in. I have a few silk plants and two great spots to hide, a tipped over pot, and a pineapple thing. There is a big plastic plant that Snowflake loves to go into it and hide. So I guess currently there is 3 spots to hide in. But after I get the barrel thing, there will be about 11? I couldn't find a picture of the barrel thing online, but its like 8 barrels stacked up on top of each other, making sort of a pyramid type thing. Each barrel has like 2 holes in it, so the bettas could hide in it.

I wont be able to get the barrel thing for like another two weeks. Will the bettas be okay? Should I buy some more terracotta pots and put those in there so they could hide in them while i wait to get the bigger one?

And the Moss Ball is in the tank. Live plants are supposed to be good for bettas, thats what a read online.

Lets hope the picture of the tank will work

Midnight- Male Blue Twintail Half Moon Betta in a 5 gal tank.

The Girls- Live together in a 25 gallon tank.

Jazz- Red Half Moon female Betta
Delta- Purple Half Moon female Betta, named after one of the Jurassic world raptors.
Snowflake- White Veiltail female Betta
Blue- Blue Veiltail female Betta, named after Blue in Jurrassic World.
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