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Originally Posted by midnight+thegirls View Post

What tankmates can go in the tank?
Do Mollies work?
How many Mollies do you need?
Are African Dwarf Frogs Good?
What other tankmates will work?
I know youre still working on the aquascaping but..... mollies should work but if you want to fit more I would reccomend platys- theyre pretty much the same only half the size. I think its 1 gal per in, for bettas id say 2 gal since theyre more territorial/aggressive. So if youre planning on 5 bettas then you could have 4 mollies or about 8 platys, if my maths right. I had an african dward frog and theyre good but you never see them-theyre always hiding- but ive heard if theres more cover for them to hide in then theyre less timid and might come out more. From my experience,Some good tankmates are platys, guppies, swords, and bottom feeders like cory cats , octocatfish, plecos and loaches. Not yo mention shrimp and snails which are great and you can fit more per gal (10 shrimp per gal) AND shrimp csn actually end up REDUCING the bioload if theres enough of them! You can also always have more than one kind of fish like say 3 guppies 5 platys and a sword (ive heard swords can breed with platys and the females look the same) although i didnt do the msth on that. I know this is alot of info to take in all at once so i appologise for the essay 😂

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