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Originally Posted by swee777 View Post
Yes, but then do the assassin snails get out of hand? Who is the best tank cleaner without damaging plants? Was looking at nerite just from what people have said. Plus once my tank cycles and I get some algae will buy one. I only have a ten gallon tank.
The best tank cleaner is you. If you start having algae problems you need to figure out why there is imbalance in the tank and remedy.

I have algae woes because the electricity went off and I got lazy and did not reset the timer when it went wonky and the lights stayed on almost continuously. I bought the Nerites to clean up that algae and take care of any new that forms. IME, if you have Nerite Snails, Amano Shrimp, etc., you never see algae in a balanced aquarium. BTW, I always have Nerites in my tanks but Natalie Nerite died at the ripe old age of four and I hadn't replaced her.

Recommendations are for two gallons per snail but I find, for regular size, no more than one per five is better. One is a 10 without an algae problem. Of the smaller Horned Nerites, I'd say 3-5 in a 10 gallon. But you might have to supplement feed by placing some rocks in a bowl of water in a window. Replace when they've cleaned.

And, not all algae eaters eat all algae, either.

Assassin Snails reproduce one baby at a time so the likelihood of them them overpopulating is slim.

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