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Originally Posted by Old Dog 59 View Post
The only problems a breeder has now a days is not having a pure gene pool to pull from. The true breeders (the ones that have done this for a living and the ones that have done their research for years before ) had true gene pools to work with and never interbred the species. The hobbyist those of us that look at a beautiful male and female and say Well they will have great babies, They don't know the linage of the breed and there fore have lead to the down fall of breeding. They have bread problems into the species and don't realize it until the problems come back to haunt us.
I actually saw a breeder who had at least 10 mustard youngs for sale. Ill look up if she has a page. Mustard is my favourite but I am still very reluctant to buy it off. I've been reading alot and have a clear idea of how Jude came to create them but she used pures and that's the issue here. I know it was Cambodian with lack of red (that's how I thought that the f1 here should be red and blues) but also melano, that is what I belive gave the purplish shine on the body. I can't remember whole heartedly what type of blue it was but I have all noted down, somewhere [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

There is an interesting way of putting it by betta territory and I quote:

"Mustard gas*
The Mustard gas was created by Jude Als (Unkle Junkin). The original Mustard gas bettas had a solid blue/greenish body and yellow fins. Because this line bred true Jude Als thought of this strain name, but actually they are not more then blue/yellow bicolor fishes.
Orginal Mustard gas delta male [12]*[http://www]
Mustard gas HM male [11]*[http://www]
Mustard gas HM male [9]*****
As you can see on the pictures above, nowadays, the term mustard gas is a very plastic term. The pattern of the colors of the different MGs differs from fish to fish. Some fishes also have blue/green/black edges around their fins while others lack these features. Most of the "modern" Mustard don't even come close to the original of Jude Als.*
Because of these controversy, on shows mustard gas bettas are classified into the bicolored class."

And here is the website for reference:

I learned alot about betta genetics here and his spawn logs are priceless when he does update them :)

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