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I have always had trouble with angle fish. The only time I didn't have trouble with them is when I kept a 29 Gal and had 3 males in the tank. There was no fighting or posturing because they were all males. I tried the same with all females but found there was a lot of aggression between them.

When I had my 75 Gallon up (this tank was an 8 year established tank that was shattered by a 4 year old and a wooden block.) I had chosen to keep African Cichlids. This was a wise choice for me because even though there was aggression (but only at breeding temps. and spawning ) The 75 gallon was quite the right size and was able to overstock a bit and still have the movement and color I desired. I had 2 MarineLand 350 canister filters and a HOB Tetra 70 to keep the water Chrystal clear and all water parameters in order. The PH level of 8.1 was kept constant by Aragonite substrate and Rocks that would raise the PH in the tank to what was needed.

With a 75 gallon you have many many choices of what to do as a community tank Do your homework on the fish you want to keep and make sure they get along and what aggression level you will accept in the community, Before you stock any thing.
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