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I have been keeping all kinds of fish for 48 years now, and the most challenging Have been Discus. Not only are they so very expensive to buy, but the upkeep is another great expense. They are picky eaters and there can not be any variation in water parameters, heat and PH. everything must be exact or you loose quite a bit of money. (I did that once and never again. I had a 125 gal with 6 discus for over two years and came down one morning to find everyone of them dead. My girlfriend at that time had sprayed air freshener in the room next to them the night before. So just any change for them and you have dead fish.

I loved my African Tank so much color and so much movement. The flashes of color sliding in and out of all the rock hides. I could sit for hours and watch them. I'm working on our basement to be able to have a really nice fish room. (or rooms since the basement is sectioned off into 5 25' x 25' foot rooms. Each room has heat, my only problem is I don't have enough electric outlets to plug everything into. So I'm running another 200 amp service and it will be dedicated to the basement only. I also have to put in racks that will hold 3 40 gallon breeder tanks each for a total of 16 tanks. Plus free standing tanks (3) up to 125 gal. and shelving for up to 30 5.5 gal. for my betta collection. The other rooms will also have a few 10 and 29 gallon tanks spread around. So I have a lot to do in a short time because I want it done by next Christmas.

The 40 gallon tanks will be breeding tanks for African Cichlids and some other cichlids which around here sell like hotcakes. A few years back I had 2 pair of american convicts and those critters were constantly breeding. I made more money from them selling them to the shop I bought them from. I plan on doing wholesale to box stores and also some retail to local keepers around here.
These types of fish will keep my Betta habit going too. lol
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