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Originally Posted by Old Dog 59 View Post
Yes the Girlfriend didn't have a clue. Her statement to me was Their just fish for Gods sake. She found out it was easier, and cheaper to replace her then it was the fish. Which was the most logical thing to do.
I once had a tank of Tiger Oscar's (two in the tank.) My oldest son at 4 decided to feed them one morning with roast beef and cheese. They lived stuffed them selves on the roast beef. LOL

It's going to run about $1500.00 to do the electric in the basement which I don't think is bad, and a 200 amp service just for the tanks might be a little much but it will be the right choice.

You do realize that even the managers of the big box stores can purchase fish from local breeders. They do have that power and as long as the stock is good and healthy they do pay wholesale price.
LOL to your son and feeding the Oscars some tasty snacks. I am sure he was your Oscars favorite person hahahaha!

$1,500 is not a bad price for the electric in your basement. Plus it will be more than worth it to have all of those tanks set up.

I did not realize that big box pet stores would purchase stock from local breeders. I always figured big box stores all used one specific retailer for their fish and they wouldn't stray from that.. I knew they would take in "adoptions" for fish people could not or did not want to care for anymore.

I guess if I decide to take up breeding again I might have to look into selling to my local PetSmart/Petco. It would be allot more convenient then shuffling myself and fish over an hour away.
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