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You would need to talk to your local Petsmart/Petco managers Give them the wholesale price of your fry and separate the males and females. However in order to compete You need to find out how much the store pays for each shipment and how many they would consider buying. Given a good price where they can do a 300% markup and you make money is tricky but once they know the quality and care you give they tend to look real hard at what you can supply.

As far as the Oscars go every time my son went by the tank they would bee all front and center, Unlike my brother in law that always deviled them by opening the lid on the tank and putting a finger in for them to go after and then hitting them. It got to the point they would see him coming and jump out of the tank after him. He got some very nasty bites from them. I got to pick these big fish off the floor and put them back in the tank. They were 14 inches and about 8 pound each. Not something you want biting you.
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