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Hi there,

I actually did not realize that people purchased their betta fish online. So was it all the way from Thailand or Vietnam/Indonesia?

I guess I thought since they've been in North America for so long, that ppl mostly bought them from here ..Well I live in canada actually and only got my first betta fish as a gift at the end of July.

I don't think we have Petco up here but Petsmart is no different and i HATE the way they are kept in jars. It's cruel and unnecessary. I mentioned that to the store person but they said oh they move very fast blah blah blah but one was at the bottom of the cup clearly passed away and it really bothered me.

My goodness, that must have been really traumatizing to see that he was shipped like that. That's terrible I just wanted to say I am really sorry for this sad loss of yours and I hope soon you can feel better and maybe get one from not so far away? That you can maybe see in person and make sure that the fish are healthy etc. But then again, I don't know how most ppl aquire their betta fish. I just read your post and had no idea that ordering them online or from overseas was a common thing. He was so lovely tho
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