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There are some things that can be done and some that can't. First a 55 gallon tank is a great space. Your choice in plants is good but still you have no cover for any of the fish you want to add. Some broad leaf plants like Anubias Nana, different types of swords and Ferns would make better cover and give overhead protection for the fish. ( overhead cover would cause less stress for them). If you are planning on having a betta in the mix you need to rethink having a pair together. If they are not breeding the male will kill the female. It is not recommended to have a pair in the same tank even as large as a 55 gallon. Also some of fish choices as tank mates for a betta are not types that will get along. there will be aggression and it may be the betta gets the worst of the attacks. There are some Tetra unless kept in a shoal will be very aggressive and be fin nippers. The Cory and even the Oto's with the right amount of each in a shoal or school will be very peaceful I'm not really sure about the Runny nose tetra. I've never kept them with a betta before. They do well in a community tank with other Tetra and barbs but that is due to them being able to fend for themselves in a tank.

Remember Betta are predators and for some fish protecting their territory would have a very drastic reaction to having a betta in the tank.

There may be others on here that have had luck with this type of stocking so I'll let them help here also.
I would recommend doing exactly what you have planned but if your Girlfriend wants a betta I would get another separate tank say a 5.5 gallon heavily planted for him or her . This would be my recommendation.

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