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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu View Post
All fish need trace elements of copper. There is a difference between these trace elements and the copper in pipes and different meds. So it should not have contributed to your Bettas' deaths.

Here's an article from our sister site which might help ease your mind. Note Byron's response.

Thank you! That's good to know about the bettas! Very interesting about Byron's response. I only discovered the copper in the food thing because I went to the breeders page I got the shrimp from looking for something else and it has a bright red copper warning on it which I honestly didn't read when I was ordering them because I know copper is toxic, this time I read it and it was all about copper in fish foods being toxic and what it would be called in the ingredient list. I was like WAT lol. Both of my shrimp deaths happened shortly after I fed the copper food to my betta. Also very interesting I ordered Sakura cherry shrimp and they threw a couple common reds in, from my understanding the common reds are supposed to be much hardier but both of my deaths were common reds, not any of the Sakura. I didn't have any issue finding betta pellets, regular fish flakes or algae pellets that didn't contain copper, looks like most of the omega line doesn't contain copper. I think new life spectrum betta pellets didn't either. So I figured it was more just lower quality foods that contain it?

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