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Well how bout that. I don't know what it feels like
I'll reach in there tomorrow.

The tank has a HOB that's baffled but still produces a pretty good current.. it moves the frogbit around and I can see the newly planted bits swaying.

What's interesting is the Spiderwood took a good 2-3 weeks of being submerged in a bucket before it was waterlogged, and no fungus.

This fungus appeared after the tank was planted which included gluing mosses and rhrizomes (Buce/Anubias) to the wood (what's supposedly miniature weeping Moss is so cute) let's see if it shows up in a pic.

I think it's just a coincidence that I'm noticing it around that one plant I'll check more when the lights are on tomorrow.

I'm glad it's not a big deal - ummmmm I believe you said it's no biggie? If it's slimy I should assume it's this fungus? Will it resolve on it's own?

Thanks for solving the mystery!

p.s. well ok I just zoomed in on this little moss and you can see where I glued it there's more white fungus - how weird.

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