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Hello all! Thank you so much for the replies!! I'll my sister about everyone's suggestions. I actually tried looking up some flea collars and saw this article but they didn't suggest Seresto one :( So it's cool that it worked for some!

Originally Posted by DaceyJ View Post
The best and pretty much only way to keep fleas away is with a monthly preventative. I use Nexgard for fleas and ticks and Heartgard for heartworms. It costs me about $40 a month for both doses and it's worth it. In the meantime, a bath with original Dawn and washing and treating of bedding, vacuuming if indoors. Repeat the bath as necessary, as it won't keep them away but will help with the ones already there. I agree that flea collars don't really do squat.
Just remembered she also mentioned Nexgard during the phone call (somehow I was fixated on the flea collars lol). Will tell her about your reply! They'll be visiting the vet this coming weekend so she could ask about that.

Originally Posted by charliegill110 View Post
When my dog had fleas (10-12 years ago) we tried everything (except oral stuff cause I didn't even know that existed until recently) collars, shampoos, the drops, flea combs with the whole family working to pick and kill any flea we saw, taking him swimming (no idea if that's an actual thing but we thought the fleas might drown) etc nothing worked. Seriously the only thing that worked was winter. The fleas returned the following summer and once again nothing worked but winter. Never had them again after that.

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Good thing it's almost winter then! I hope they don't come back though...

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I don't know where you live, but in my area flea collars are completely ineffective. The topical treatments are little better, but some of them will work for 15 days or so. (not the 30 they're supposed to) So far we've only had any luck with the oral treatments. Fleas are getting very resistant, though it might not be as much of an issue in your area. Your vet should have more locally-relevant advice!
Aw darn. They're going to the vet this weekend so I will tell her to remember to ask about oral treatments!
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