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Hi there! This reply is SUPER delayed so I'm really sorry about that, but I truly appreciate ALL of your responses and advice. It was super helpful to read.

Unfortunately I'm still having issues with green algae and NOW I have Detritus worms in my tank. UGH.

I got a timer for my LED light back in the summer that only stays on for 6 hours a day, and I bought 2 nerite snails (Gary and Mystery) approx 3 months ago. They both seemed to be doing great until about 2 weeks after I got them, Mystery unfortunately passed away. I was devastated and am still not sure what I did wrong, so I feel really bad about that. Gary is a happy little guy, always moving around and eating but I really don't see much of a change at all in the green algae as a whole.

I noticed the Detritus worms this week along the walls of the tank. I've been reading a bunch of stuff of the internet and I'm overwhelmed with information. What does everyone recommend for treating the worms/algae? Is hydrogen peroxide effective? I work at an animal shelter and can get my hands on Panacur-C as well. I'm so scared of doing something that would hurt Spud and Gary, but desperately want these worms out of the tank.

I'm very grateful for all of you and your understanding!
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