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SB29112019 Red HMPK Red/Blue HMPK Koi carriers

So yet another spawn, yeah we've been busy. This is a special spawn as it follows Bettas4all standards, although I am not part of the team I bought it directly from a Vivarium and the hobbyists of Bettas4all had a stand there. They also had a show, but as the main purpose was to sell and spread the love for bettas, I assume the quality brought to the Vivarium isn't as good as it is in non selling shows (or shows where there are bettas for sale but not all of the show bettas actually go for sale).

Anyways the male is a Red HMPK (koi carrier) and won the 2nd prize if his category (can't remember but think it was 1 color asymmetrical HMPK) and the female Red/Blue HMPK (koi carrier) won 1st prize (have no clue what category).

27/11 - Female introduced
28/11 - Female released
30/11 - Couple successfully spawned (Female taken out)
1/12 - Fry hatched

Fingers crossed for some kois! I hope for 25% of the spawn to be koi :)

Yes, I'm quite shocked with the amount of live hanging at that nest too...[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

P.S. I'm sorry for the bad picture of the dad, I'll be sure to take a good one after the he is conditioned.

P.P.S. I accidentally got a betta mahachaiensis spawn... I was thinking it would be a quite boring spawn for everyone so was doubting to post or not. Anyways if anyone is intrested let me know and I will post it on a new thread.

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