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5 gal tanks and tankmates

I have my betta with a mystery snail in a 5 gal. They get along fine. But from reading after I did this, I got really nervous since mystery snails seem to need higher kH and gH than bettas. Or is there away around this problem, such as thru diet?

Are there any possible fish tankmates that make for a better combo? I think my betta is fairly chill but he does have long fins. I have read about plecos are a possibility, but it seems the tank would need to be bigger?

Or maybe betta is destined to be alone unless by some miracle the snail can survive less than ideal water. He has so far for about 3 weeks. Is it appropriate animal welfare for the species for bettas to be alone?

For keeping a growing mystery snail with betta, what water parameters would be best, although priority to the betta over the snail? I could move the snail to another tank potentially, although maybe the shock of a move yet again to a different tank is worse than less than ideal water for him.

I think I can try to achieve just about anything water parameter-wise since I have to doctor my water anyway. Tap water has NH3 and nitrate in it but the RO is less <1 kH and <1 gH. So, since I'm doctoring my RO water anyway, I think it can set a target group of parameters to whatever is best.
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