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I have to totally agree with your assessment of your fish situation. Now some people say that the behavior they show of not liking things moved around in the tank, and not liking change is crap. But I have noticed with all of mine if anything is out of placed or moved these boys pout and tend to have to re-explore their tank. Every one of my boys do this. two even let you know if anything is amiss. Little bee My black and yellow Mustard Gas rose tail will through a hissy fit if his thermometer comes loose and floats at the top of the tank. If I change a plant or move his rocks around even a little he pouts and hides for a couple of days until he realizes that nothing more was done. and he explores the tank for another couple of days. There is something to this and it's not crap. It's us knowing our betta and how they will react.

You now there could be more tanks (hint , hint) no you can never have too many tanks. Leaving this question to my wife her answer is always if you get one more tank I'm leaving. My response to her is always I'll help ya pack. She hasn't left yet and she never will because as much as she complains about my tanks She loves them too. especially when we get company and they comment on how much they like the tanks and fish. She'll tell them which are her favorite and the names she picked for all the boys. LOL And since I have a basement to fill she has no more complaints.
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