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Originally Posted by AriadneBetta View Post
Hi, I'm new here but not new to betta's.
So I have a little story and need some help. My family's betta of over 4 years passed away. he was healthy and lived happily. This devastated (at the time) my 4 year old daughter. She still brings up Buddy (his name) to this day. She is now 6yrs. She decided she wanted a new friend for the family. My problem is that I can't remember if i cleaned Buddy's tank after he died. It has been about 2yrs. Even so, i still would clean it no matter what, but how should i clean the tank? Should I use 50/50 vinegar and soap with warm/hot water, or is there a better way to clean an old tank that may or may have not been cleaned?
The tank is 10 gal. Also, the filtration system, would you clean that the same way as the tank? Thanks!
I like to clean the tank by scrubbing it with a tank cleaning sponge and water. I will then leave the filter parts/tank/wood/fake plants out in the sun for a few hours to sanitize it. It's sunny often here in Hawaii though, so I understand if that's not an option for you.

I'd say vinegar sounds like the best option if you do not have sun where you are.

If I was using vinegar, after cleaning, I would run the tank for 24 hours after cleaning (without fish or carbon filter), then doing a 50% water change, running it for another 24 hours with the filter before adding fish to ensure the vinegar residue doesn't get near your fish! :D

Honestly, use your best judgment about it and you should be okay. Hope this helped!
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