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Wow that's an awesome set up! Perfect for betta. You must've made that, right?! Well kudos to you [emoji106]

I appreciate the substrate tip. What you were using is essentially the same thing as ADA Aquasoil (Nature Tank edition) but less than half the cost. Good to know.

Originally I wanted a "natural" look as well, till I realized the bottom of a rice patty doesn't look like "river rock" lol.

However I kinda got hooked on the Aquasoil for a few reasons. Although the initial set up is a pain with the ammonia spikes, it cycled the tank pronto and I didn't have to mess with it (fishless cycle of course). Planting is easy and the plants love it - don't have to mess with fertilizer for at least a year (I dose with Easy Green for the water column feeders), it lowered the PH 10 fold (!), it doesn't cloud the water when I move things around, etc.

The thing I didn't anticipate is that the soil would eventually *settle*, so I wound up with only approximately an inch and I'm not sure what to do about it.

I can't add more Aquasoil (targeted delivery through a piece of PVC or something) because that'll cause a big ammonia spike. [emoji13][emoji33]

Anyway, that *is* a custom tank, sī?!

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