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Well, I went looking to reassure myself that at least the bettas would be sterile and we wouldn't have potential glowing hybrids running around... And found plenty of evidence that actually no, they may not be sterile. In some places the company's other fish (tetras & danios) are treated somehow to become sterile, but in plenty of other areas they're not and you can easily end up with a tank full of hybrids. It is supposedly illegal to sell any hybrid fry you create, but I doubt that's going to stop many people especially when betta breeding is considered practically an art form.

Which means there's a decent chance that these "glow" bettas will be able to breed with each other & regular bettas, which is frankly pretty concerning. I personally don't mind ethical genetic engineering, and I am willing to believe that the genes added are not harmful in an of themselves, but I don't really know if these bettas qualify as "ethically made".

And that's not even touching the question of whether the glow bettas have any genetic disadvantages in their bloodlines because we don't know what their stock is, or what will happen if the glow genes get introduced into the population at large. I'm very concerned that if the florescent glow genes become widespread, they might get crossed into the wild species, which are already in trouble from hybridization...

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