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Here are mine:

Name: Manny
Age (human years): 1
Breed: Splendens
Gender: Male
Tail type: Halfmoon
Color: Light blue with white edges on fins
Personality: Slightly shy, but still quite headstong. Very kind and polite.
Noteworthy: Has crooked back and was born without a dorsal fin. Is in love with a fish named Flamesong (played by rubinthebetta). Participated in the battle.

Name: Draco
Age (human years): 2
Breed: Spendens
Gender: Male
Tail type: Halfmoon.
Color: Metallic silver and green.
Personality: Brave, pretty smart, nice, and deeply hurt inside.
Noteworthy: Was deeply in love with a fish named Iris (played by LebronTheBetta), but was devastated when she died in the battle. He died himself out of grief, but reluctantly returned when he was told that his destiny wasn’t fulfilled. His best friend, Olive (played by me), also died alongside Oliver (also played by me) in a sacrifice to save Silverbeam’s life. Draco now trains new recruits in combat, and waits for the day to come when he can rejoin his precious Iris. Draco participated in the battle

Former betta hobbyist just getting back into the hobby!
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